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Under specific conditions, at the request of the Canadian exporter, the may issue phytosanitary certificates to facilitate subsequent re-export certification.

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Section 57 of the Plant Protection Regulations states that no person shall export or re-export any thing from Canada unless it meets the laws of the importing country respecting phytosanitary import requirements.

The was adopted by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to secure common and effective action to prevent the spread and introduction of regulated plant pests and to promote appropriate measures for their control. Phytosanitary certificates must be consistent with the models (phytosanitary certificate for export and phytosanitary certificate for re-export) set out in Annex 1 and Annex 2 of ISPM 12. Before signing contracts or Letters of Credit, exporters should work with their importers to obtain the phytosanitary import requirements of the country to which they intend to export.

Applications for phytosanitary certificates will not be accepted after the shipment has left Canada.

Phytosanitary certificates will only be issued when the importing country requires it as a condition for import and when the plants, plant products and other regulated articles in the shipment meet the phytosanitary import requirements of the country of import.

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Most countries stipulate their phytosanitary import requirements in legislation, regulations, other official rules or permits to import issued by the issues phytosanitary certificates as required by importing countries to indicate that the products covered by the certificate conform to the country's phytosanitary import requirements.