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About three weeks ago, Cyn posted a photo of her with Joey B sitting by the pool that got people talking.

Cyn wrote, “When the vibes are good, the times are fun @Joe Budden.” Basically, the internet is dying.

Santana posted a video on Instagram — along with two photos from a maternity photo shoot — to announce her pregnancy. The love-fest continued on Budden’s Instagram page. Although fans kept tweeting her about her ex having a baby, Tahiry took the high road, responding to a couple of the messages. So she had this child and, we had broke up before the baby came. probably know that is very open when it comes to her sexuality.

Mena went ballistic on the poor girl, spilling all of her secrets and things got physical on camera. Pls stop trying to make it into what’s not,” she said to another fan. Santana and Budden have been dating for a couple of months now and are finally opening up about how their relationship got started. “My mom is Salvadorian so she’s real old school and strict,” she said laughing.In the video, the 24-year-old looks lovingly at Budden and says, “I dare you to say ‘baby mama.’ He replies, “You are the best partner that one can have. This has easily been the best year of my life.'” You can check out the video below.

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However, when Jose heard the news, she had nothing but nice words to say. And I’m sooo happy for them,” she said in one tweet. There has also been some questions about whether or not Santana and Budden would agree to do television together — whether it be another season of “My issue is my relationship with my child… When I came out of rehab, and I met a woman, and she got pregnant. I was pinned to the wall and I had no other [expletive] choice,” Santana told Hot 97.

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