Kalbeck brahms online dating

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Kalbeck brahms online dating

One of the manuscripts had briefly emerged in 1930 as an item offered for sale in Sotheby's catalog.Unlikely though it may sound, this seems to have been the treasured Gabrilowitsch wedding gift.The Russian pianist and conductor Ossip Gabrilowitsch and Clara Clemens, daughter of Mark Twain (whose real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens) and herself a contralto of considerable renown, are getting married in a small but lavish ceremony at the bride's rural residence of her father in Redding, Connecticut.They have known each other for quite some time, but they decided to join their lives only two weeks earlier after a benefit concert for the Redding Public Library.Autographs listed as missing or lost (or even destroyed) reappear, mysteriously, often in unexpected corners of the world.Our story about this Brahms manuscript begins on October 6, 1909.Her brief description of these items suggests that not one (the Sotheby) but both bear resemblances to the auto-graph under consideration here.The first, owned by the conductor Hermann Levi as early as 1873 and shown at the Meiningen Brahms exhibition in 1899, consisted of two oblong sheets (or four pages) and, according to Levi, contains some variants in measures 10-13; the Library of Congress manuscript indeed has the same format and shows an ossia in the vocal part with text underlay (not in Brahms's handwriting but perhaps preserving an authentic variant) concerning those very same measures (see example 1).

Whatever their motivation, the sale did not materialize.

One more problem can now be resolved; the date given on the binding (and in the Sotheby catalog) is wrong.

Brahms's characteristically hasty handwriting caused a "6" at some point to be read as an "8": the actual date at the end of the manuscript is "1865" (see example 2).

After the composer puts finishing touches on a work, the manuscript may remain in the possession of the author for a while longer, or in the hands of the publisher to whom the work is sold, or it may be given as a present to a friend in gratitude for loyalty past or to ensure continuing goodwill or as a more straightforward act of generosity.

Autographs are destroyed in wars or by accident, or they may simply disappear from sight, often for generations.

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In short, there is strong evidence that the two lost autographs are one and the same and have now been "found" in the Library of Congress.