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Die blink vlekkelose staal tandartsspuit wat die skedel hard tref. She was not beautiful, but her smile was appealing, her eyes kind. Julle is die mees terribleste mense op aarde.” Die naald wat tussen haar oë tref en buig. Faryn perched in the corner behind his lord, his writing slate balanced on his stomach. The woman stared down at him with grey eyes, her lips curved in a smile, her face surrounded by dark hair the same colour as his.The Suojeluskuntas (Finnish Civil Guard) also sent a wreath tied with blue-white ribbons to South Africa, where it was laid at the monument on the battlefield of Magersfontein.

The state and the military establishment hosted this anniversary at the Officers’ Casino Building in the Katajanokka neighborhood of Helsinki and among the guests of honour were Lauri Malmberg, the minister of defense, and Per Zilliacus, the chief of staff of the Civil Guard.The Boer militants of the Ossebrandwag were hostile to Britain, opposed South African participation in WW2, even after the Union of South Africa declared war in support of Britain in September 1939 – but they were strongly sympathetic to Finland, seeing many parallels to their own situation (where the Republiek van Transvaal and the Oranje Vrijstaat had been attacked, conquored and annexed to South Africa by the British) in the attack on Finland by the USSR.Staunchly religious, the Boerevolke had much in common with the congregations of more conservative Lutheran churches in Finland such as the Pietists and were strongly anti-communist.The Ossewabrandwag had started out as an organisation dedicated to the preservation of Afrikaans culture but had rapidly evolved into a highly motivated politically militant organisation, with a membership in the hundreds of thousands.The Ossebrandwag was strongly anti-communist and this, together with their seeing many parallels to their own situation at the hands of the British in the plight of Finland let to the dispatch of a sizable volunteer contingent to fight for Finland.

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  2. To rodzi absurdalne sytuacje zapisywania się do OSP oddalonych od miejsca zamieszkania nawet o kilkaset kilometrów, na przykład w miejscowościach swoich krewnych i przechodzenie szkolenia przed naborem do PSP. Przecież to są młodzi ludzie, nie mają doświadczenia za kółkiem, nie poprowadzą samochodu pożarniczego. A jeśli ktoś pochodzi z uboższej rodziny, nie może zdobyć prawa jazdy i tym samym dodatkowych punktów. Chciałbym doprowadzić tę sytuację do stanu normalności i sprawiedliwości.